Decipher Detective Contest

Contest Rules – CLOSED

1.    This contest is open to youth in Grades 4-12
2.    Family members or friends may assist youth contestants
3.    4 Puzzles will be released; one each Monday starting July 13
4.    Solve the puzzles to find the coordinates of the clues
5.    Go to the coordinates, find the clues which have letters on them
6.    Record the letters on the clues (no need to touch them)
7.    Practice Covid common sense including social distancing while finding clues
8.    Unscramble the letters from all 4 clues to form the correct sentence
9.    Email your one sentence entry to
10.  Entries will be accepted August 3 – 9  NEW DEADLINE – Saturday, August 15
11.  The winner will be announced on YOMA’s website & social media on Aug 10 17
12.  The winner will be determined by who emails the correct answer to us first
13.  The date and time of the received email will determine the winner
14.  Damage or removal of clues will result in disqualification from the contest

The prize is a $50 gift certificate from Milanos Pizza in Manotick

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Here is how the contest works:
Puzzle 34 – released Monday, August 3

Puzzle #3 – released Monday, July 27
Puzzle #2 – released Monday, July 19

Puzzle #1 – released Monday July 13