Dickinson Day Village Scavenger Hunt

It is taking a bit of time to contact the 5 winners of the Scavenger Hunt.  Once we do, we will post the winning team names here.

Prizes include:

  1. 4 passes to Mont Cascades Water Park
  2. 4 passes for either Archery Tag or Escape Rooms at Archery Games
  3. Bowling for four at Merivale Bowling
  4. Credits for a family of four at Fun Haven
  5. $100 Manotick Money


Solve the clues and explore the village

for a chance to win prizes!


The Scavenger Hunt is open to anyone attending the Dickinson Day festivities in Manotick on Saturday, June 4, 2022.  This is not an easy hunt so we do recommend teams.  This does require some knowledge of the village and its history.

  1. Register your team at the YOMA booth in the Crafter’s Market.  Teams must be registered with YOMA in order to be eligible to win.  Each team may enter once.
  2. Use the clues to identify the locations in the village.  It is not a sequential hunt.  It has a deadline but is not a timed event.  The goal is to identify as many of the locations as possible by 5:00 pm.
  3. The locations are NOT located on any personal private property.
  4. Participants are expected to respect the locations identified in this contest which includes using existing sidewalks and pathways.  There is no reason to move or alter anything at the locations.  Failure to do so will mean automatic disqualification from the contest.
  5. The team who identifies the highest number of locations correctly chooses their prize.  The team with the second highest correct number chooses their prize from the remaining prizes and so on.  If there are multiple teams who correctly identified the same number of locations, the team names will be placed in a hat and names drawn at random for the prize selection process.
  6. Winners will be identified and contacted on Sunday, June 5.
  7. The list of winning team names and their prize choice will be published on the home page of this website and on our Facebook page.