Meg’s Recommended Resources

At the How to Handle Stress Without Getting Stressed Out night, our special guest speaker Meg Waurick recommended the following for anyone looking for information about managing stress.

MindShift App

 Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life” by Joseph Ciarrochi, Louise Hayes and Ann Bailey


“Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life” by Joseph Ciarrochi, Louise Hayes and Ann Bailey.

A guide to living an extraordinary life.  Recognize your strengths.  Let go of anxiety and self-doubt.  Make lasting friendships.  Live your dreams.


Stress Reduction Workbook


“The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens” by Gina Biegel

Mindfulness skills to help you deal with stress.  How stress affects you in good ways and bad.  Find balance in your life, learn simple and effective relaxation skills.



Fighting Invisible Tigers


“Fighting Invisible Tigers, Stress Management for Teens” Revised

by Earl Hipp




Relationship Skills 101


“Relationship Skills 101 for Teens” by Sheri Van DIJK, MSW

Your guide to dealing with daily drama, stress and difficult emotions.  An instant help solutions book.



Don't Let Your Emotions Run You


“Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life; For Teens” by Sheri Van Dijk

Dialectical behavior therapy skills for helping you manage mood swings, control angry outbursts, and get along with others.



The Self-Esteem Workbook


“The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens” by Lisa Schab

Activities to help you build confidence and achieve your goals, stop putting yourself down, accept who you are, leave insecurity behind.



Coping with Cliques


“Coping with cliques” by Susan Sprague

A workbook to help girls deal with gossip, put-downs, bullying & other mean behavior.



The Divorce Workbook


“The Divorce Workbook for Teens” by Lisa Schab.

Activities to help you move beyond the breakup, understand your feelings, cope with parental fighting, be happy despite family changes”



My Kind of Sad


“My kind of Sad” by Kate Scowen

What it’s like to be young and depressed