Mural Project

YOMA has been selected to participate in the Paint It Up program this year.

Youth in the area will be creating a mural in Centennial Park which will be unveiled at Picnic in the Park on Saturday, August 27.

All youth interested in joining in are welcome.  No experience is required.  We have a professional mural artist, Jennifer, who will be mentoring the youth through the designing, planning and painting.

Youth can get involved in a number of ways.

The concepts and designs must come from youth.  If multiple designs are submitted we will put it to the community to vote and then the final concept will be completed and submitted for approval.  Our artist is available to assist any youth with ideas and tips.  A video will be released shortly with some basic guidance how to design a mural. Youth can create and submit their own designs.  Deadline is June 1.  Or youth can join a community group to work with Jennifer to design a concept. If you are interested, please email us at
Let us know if you plan to submit a concept as
– an individual
– a group or class
– you wish to join the community group of youth working with Jennifer

Once the final concept is approved, we need a team of youth to help prepare the surface, transfer the design to it and paint.  Jennifer and other volunteers will be there every step of the way to help.

Email us today to let us know you are interested and what you would like to participate in.  This is chance for young residents to create something beautiful and relevant that reflects youth in our community.

Questions and comments are always welcome.  The dimensions for the mural will be posted here in the coming days.

Contact us at